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About Us

Dr. Marla Blauschild came to understand the wonders of the Atlas Orthogonal Procedure through her own personal experience. While in traditional chiropractic school, she began experiencing intense neck pain which steadily increased into headaches, arm pain and numbness. Obviously at the time Dr. Blauschild had free access to regular chiropractic care but found little to no relief from her sometimes 3 time a week visits to the school clinic.

At this point,
Dr. Blauschild began researching alternatives for her own care and was blessed enough to stumble across the Atlas Orthogonal Program. The Atlas Orthogonal Treatment provided her with the much needed relief from her own worsening condition and thusly, Dr. Blauschild began taking steps to study the procedure herself and become Atlas Orthogonal Board Certified.


  Dr. Blauschild went on to establish her first clinic in 1995 in Bergen County, New Jersey where one of her first patients was her own mother, Cynthia. Cynthia had suffered with migraine headaches for over 30 YEARS!  She was told by doctors that the migraines were both hormonal and genetic and given little hope for their relief. The migraines she experienced lasted 3 days or more for which time she would take a sedative prescription medication, shut herself in a dark room and wait until they passed.


After one correction with the Atlas Orthogonal Percussion Instrument, Cynthia's migraines were eliminated. It was at this time, Dr. Marla Blauschild decided to make the study of headaches of all types her special focus. She went on to practice for many years in that same location where she treated numerous professional athletes, such as Michael Strahan of the New York Giants.


Dr. Blauschild opened her newest office in Warwick, New York in 2005 and is proud to be the only Board Certified Atlas Orthogonist in Orange County.  There are only roughly 150 Board Certified Atlas Orthogonists in the nation.

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